14-inch Somi Computer Science Interactive Doll

14-inch Somi Computer Science Interactive Doll

SKU: SCSID20191128

FREE SHIPPING! 14-inch interactive STEM Doll equipped with 12 voice-overs that teach Computer Science concepts in a fun way and helps to deter cyber-bullying.


The "Somi" interactive doll focuses on exposing kids to Computer Science (CS) concepts by defining terms in a fun way which were adapted for early-learning. It's main premise is to lay the foundation to understanding the benefits of studying CS which is to cultivate one's logical reasoning, problem solving skills, and boost their creativity. These skillsets can be used in any area of one's life. The doll also touches on cyberbullying, to bring awareness to what it is and encourage better online conduct. Cyberbullying falls under the CS core concept: "Impacts of Computing".


Watch the demonstration video here: Somi Doll Demo Video


    The preorder campaign on Somi Computer Science Interactive Dolls is slated to begin mass production process in Jan/Feb 2021 and be shipped to you by Mar/Apr 2021.  We will keep you informed of the progress, monthly.  Feel free to contact us at info@innovant-tech.com


    We have partnered with another manufacturer and are completing a second prototype of the "Somi doll". The manufacturing company has a capable team that works hard to ensure smooth delivery of our product. However, we acknowledge that processing delays and unexpected shortages outside of our control may occur, so we promise to be 100% transparent and honest with you. We’ll keep you updated regularly throughout the campaign and will always be happy to answer any questions you may have about this project. If you have questions, feel free to email us at info@innovant-tech.com.


    Mass production now slated to begin in Jan/Feb 2021 and ready for delivery in Mar/Apr 2021.  If we cancel production, we will refund your money 100% guaranteed upon request. No refunds after item is shipped. If your order is damaged or not received as stated above, contact us immediately at info@innovant-tech.com.  We maybe able to replace your order or issue a partial refund.

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