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10 Super-Smart STEM Program Kits

10 Super-Smart STEM Program Kits

$1,615.00 Regular Price
$1,450.00Sale Price


  • 10  award-winning interactive 14-inch Somi, the Computer Scientist dolls*
  • 10 "Somi, the Computer Scientist: Princess Can Code" storybooks (Softcover only)
    [Contains two chapters, 13 illustrations, two coding exercises, Computer Science glossary, and access to audiobook]
  • 10 Computer Science Activity Book [Contains 16+ fun activities, Answer keys]
  • One 30-45 mins fun learning session with an expert (Includes pre-planning activities/meetings)
  • Shipping & handling




  • The first-ever interactive STEM doll on Computer Science education and Cyberbullying awareness
  • This STEM toy speaks over 220+ words (Includes exciting 12 voiceover recordings that teach Computer Science terms in a fun way)
  • Terms covered: Algorithm, Artificial Intelligence, Code, Bug, Binary Numbers, Web page, Javascript, HTML, Condition, Loop, Cyberbully, & a Somi greeting
  • Accessories: “Princess can Code” empowerment white shirt, purple pants with heart-shaped knee patches, pink sneakers with ribbon laces, pink beaded necklace, 8 colorful hair beads (4 on each hair braid), and two white hair bows
  • Actually 14.5 inch tall (excluding hair and shoes)
  • Batteries included (3 x DC1.5v) [NOTE: Please, follow “How to use” instructions on the doll box to activate the voicebox]
  • Doll weight - ~530g
  • Perfect for everyone ages 5+ (Books: ages 7-11+, Doll: ages 5-9+)



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