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Advancement of Girls in STEM: Guidance of Parent/Guardian, & Educator is Key

"Parents and guardians of boys are more likely than parents and guardians of girls to encourage their child to pursue a computer science career." Google's Gallup Survey 2022

Let's face it, it's up to us parents, guardians, and educators to encourage the young girls in our lives to pursue Computer Science. We need to be aware of any implicit bias we harbor due to social norms, culture, personal preference, or race that may cause us to overlook exposing our girls to critical thinking fields that are historically male-dominated.

Breaking the bias is our individual responsibility regardless of our background, gender or race. Simply exposing a young girl to learning Computer Science (CS) could unearth a dormant talent and help lay the foundation of innovative thinking. These skills are transferrable to any job or sector. The goal is not necessarily to nurture a child to become an expert Computer Scientist but to leverage the knowledge and have them become more successful in any industry/sector (especially CS :-).

"Parents and guardians and educators know that computer science is used for positive outcomes in a variety of different jobs and sectors." Google's Gallup Survey 2022
Our girls need us to lead and encourage them to pursue Computer Science. Let's do our part. Here's how:

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The opinions in the article are solely that of the author, Bukola Somide, founder/CEO of Innovant Technologies LLC and nonprofit, CompSci ABC.



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