"The under-representation of minorities in technology has long been a barrier to higher income generation and career advancement."

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Our exciting and educational

products/services are here to change this narrative!

Smart and confident children are more successful.

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Why Do We Exist?

Innovant Technologies, LLC is an award winning EdTech company on a mission to cultivate future innovators in underrepresented communities, today.

Why Should You Care?

Our research show that among under-served youth, Computer Science education is perceived to be boring, too hard, and lacks relatable mentors.


This field of study is known to offer opportunities for a higher income earning potential and digital technology innovations which is imperative in this fast-paced digital age.

Somi the Computer Scientist - Princess Can Code
My name is Somi

I'm a curious, bright, humorous, and beautiful young girl who has a natural interest in learning Computer Programming concepts.  My inquisitive nature allows me to connect what I'm learning with real life experiences. 


My captivating chapter & picture-storybook is sure to excite the imagination in every child.  My readers are drawn into my world while learning Computer Science concepts in a fun and exciting way.

Nice to virtually meet you. Visit Somi the Computer Scientist Metaverse here!


What We Do:

We create fun & innovative Computer Science educational products/services that engage, educate, and boost the confidence of underrepresented children.


Our Corporate Social Responsibility:


We support and help further the mission of nonprofit, CompSci ABC


Our Core Value: 


We value people, honesty, integrity, and quality.  This is not just a business, this is our purpose; and we are great at it.

Our Value Proposition:


Our team of Computer Science (CS) experts represent the demographics of our target audience so we have experienced their pain points.  We are "big-kids" at heart so we understand how to make fun, and easy-to-learn CS educational content. We think outside-the-box to craft innovative solutions; and most especially, we are committed to serving/uplifting under-served communities.

Smart Kids Club

A Computer Science learning portal for children ages 7-11

This exciting online Computer Science portal is uniquely curated to best serve our target audience by keeping them engaged and enlightened.  The curriculum is based off our proprietary Computer Science Activity Books for girls and boys. 


This workshop currently includes seven (7) modules with seven (7) downloadable activity sheets which includes a BONUS activity with a free gift.  Gain EXCLUSIVE access to a private Facebook group of like-minded parents/guardians and educators. By the last module, students will learn the principles to design their own game.  Many more fun educational activities are available in the our Computer Science Activity books: Available now on


Students will get to learn the following Computer Science related terms: 

  1. Algorithm

  2. Code

  3. Binary Numbers

  4. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  5. Pattern

  6. Sequence/Sequencing

  7. Loop

  8. and Condition


Meet The Founder/CEO:


Bukola Somide "aka" CompSci Bae as she refers to herself on social media, is an intensely passionate individual. Her inherent free-spirit allows her to dream big beyond societal norms/limitations. 


Bukola is a serial entrepreneur who manages to wear multiple-hats in her day-to-day life.  She has a big heart to give back to the community. She vows to not simply survive in this world but to thrive and leave a powerful impact & legacy that would positively affect many lives in this generation and beyond. 


Read more on her-story, background, & academic achievement on her author website below.

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